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We make these notecards from our own original photographs.  They are perfect for many occasions, blank on the inside for lots of writing space.  They are approximately 4 X 5.5 inches.  They are available as single cards for $1.75 each or a package of 3 for $5.00.  You get to choose the cards you like in the package.  The photographs of the cards with the catalog numbers are below.  Just include the catalog number(s) in the space(s) provided prior to adding the card to the cart.

Weeping Angel NC1-1 Weeping Angel                               Fall Cross  NC1-2 Fall Cross

Jesus Fish NC1-3 Jesus Fish                             Peoples Cross  NC1-4 Peoples Cross

Winter Bud NC1-5 Winter Bud                                    Winter Green Leaf  NC1-6 Winter Green Leaf

Winter Limbs NC1-7 Winter Limbs                       Winter Berries  NC1-8 Winter Berries

Snow Blob Berry NC1-9 Snow Blob Berry                           Snow Berry Closeup  NC1-10 Winter Berry Closeup

Red Leaf Berries NC1-11 Red Leaf Berries                Red Leaf Large  NC1-12 Red Leaf Large    


Wellfleet Tree NC1-13 Wellfleet Tree                              Wellfleet Church Door  NC1-14 Wellfleet Church Door        


Window Candle Flowers NC1-15 Window Candle Flowers  One Red Flower  NC1-16 One Red Flower              

Pink Flowers NC1-17 Pink Flowers                      Red Vine Green Bush  NC1-18 Red Vine Green Bush                  

Wellfleet Harbor NC1-19 Wellfleet Harbor                            Cross in Fish  NC1-20 Cross in Fish                    

Barb Painting NC1-21 Splatter Painting               Yellow Flowers  NC1-22 Yellow Flowers              

Berry Bush NC1-23 Berry Bush                         Winter Phragmite  NC1-24 Winter Phragmite          

Winter Phragmite 2 NC1-25 Winter Phragmite 2           Winter Phragmite 3  NC1-26 Winter Phragmite 3          

Truro Harbor NC1-27 Truro Harbor                      Bracelets  NC1-28 Bracelets              

Fall Leaves NC1-29 Fall Leaves                          Christmas Cactus   NC1-30 Christmas Cactus    

Duxbury Beach Sunrise NC1-31 Duxbury Beach Sunrise    Cape Beach 1  NC1-32 Cape Beach 1  

Utah Thunderstorm NC1-33 Utah Thunderstorm           Cape Beach 2  NC1-34 Cape Beach 2    

Pine Cone NC1-35 Pine Cone                             Daffodils  NC1-36 Daffodils  

Daisy 1 NC1-37 Daisy 1                                  Daisy 2  NC1-38 Daisy 2  

Old Glory NC1-39 Old Glory                              Purple Trio  NC1-40 Purple Trio       

Bright Orange NC1-41 Bright Orange                      Tree Walk  NC1-42 Tree Walk     

Are You Nuts!? NC1-43 Are You Nuts!?                             Blue Berries  NC1-44 Blue Berries  

Blue Shell NC-45 Blue Shell                                Boston Light  NC1-46 Boston Light  

Fireworks NC1-47 Fireworks                                       Graves Light  NC1-48 Graves Light  

Minot Light NC1-49 Minot Light                                   Fungi  NC1-50 Fungi  

Sand Fence NC1-51 Sand Fence                                    Sandbar  NC1-52 Sandbar  

Shell 1 NC1-53 Shell 1                                             Shell 2  NC1-54 Shell 2  

Shell 3 NC1-55 Shell 3                                    Shell 4  NC1-56 Shell 4  

Shell 5 NC1-57 Shell 5                                    Shell 6  NC1-58 Shell 6  

Shell 7 NC1-59 Shell 7                                             Sprinkle of Shells  NC1-60 Sprinkle of Shells  

St. Anthony Crucifix 1 NC1-61 St. Anthony Crucifix 1                 St. Anthony Crucifix 2  NC1-62 St. Anthony Crucifix 2  

Bread and Wine NC1-63 Bread and Wine                            Tern  NC1-64 Tern  

Tulip NC1-65 Tulip                                               Many Tulips   NC1-66 Many Tulips  

Wavelets NC1-67 Wavelets                                         Berries in a Row  NC1-68 Berries in a Row  

Fall at the Shore NC1-69 Fall at the Shore                   Fall at the Shore 2  NC1-70 Fall at the Shore 2      

Fall Vine NC1-71 Fall Vine                                        Fall Stem  NC1-72 Fall Stem  

Grass NC1-73 Grass                                              Honeysuckle  NC1-74 Honeysuckle  

Vine up a Tree  NC1-75 Vine up a Tree                              Patch of Daisies  NC1-76 Patch of Daisies  

Fall Colors  NC1-77 Fall Colors                                    Quiet Harbor  NC1-78 Quiet Harbor  

Duck Pond NC1-79 Duck Pond                            NC1-80 Rose   NC1-80 Rose

NC1-81 Tulip NC1-81 Tulip                                               NC1-82 Portland Head Light  NC1-82 Portland Head Light

Lichen on Pine NC1-83 Lichen on Pine                     Milkweed  NC1-84 Milkweed  

Oyster NC1-85 Oyster                                    Horseshoe Crabs  NC1-86 Horseshoe Crabs  

Great Island NC1-87 Great Island                                  Hardings Ledge 1  NC1-88 Hardings Ledge 1  

Hardings Ledge 2 NC1-89 Hardings Ledge 2                         Field of Daisies  NC1-90 Field of Daisies  

Lilly NC1-91 Lilly                                       Honey of a Daisy  NC1-92 Honey of a Daisy  

Holly NC1-93 Holly                                      Butterfly   NC1-94 Butterfly    

Flowers NC1-95 Flowers                                  Flowers  NC1-96 Flowers

Fireworks NC1-97 Fireworks                             Fireworks  NC1-98 Fireworks  

Flowers NC1-99 Flowers                                 Butterfly   NC1-100 Butterfly

Moose    NC1-101 Moose                                        Moose   NC1-102 Moose

Rose NC1-103 Rose                                          Driftwood in Sand  NC1-104 Driftwood in Sand

Intertwined Trees NC1-105 Intertwined Trees                  Round Cross  NC1-106 Round Cross

Weeping Angel NC1-107 Holy Family Mosaic                   Rocks  NC1-108 Rocks

For a single notecard purchase, please use the form below.  Just place the item number in the box (ie. NC1-1.) Single notecards are $1.75 plus shipping and handling.

Indicate Notecard Choice

For a group of 3 notecards, please indicate card choices in the box below, by item number, separated by commas.  Group of 3 notecards are $5.00 plus shipping and handling.

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As  always, should there be any questions or a larger order, please just email CrissCross Creations.  If you wish to order, just include what items you would like, a name and mailing address, and a phone number and we will bill you via Paypal.


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